Our Philosophy

At Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck, our philosophy is “We do the RIGHT THING for YOU… EVERY TIME!” What we mean by that is simple – we will earn your trust by putting your needs ahead of ours. We will always tell you what work is needed, what is not, and what can be delayed until some point in the future. We will never put short-term profits ahead of a long-term relationship with our customers.

If you think something is more important than a customer—think again!!!


Without this principle, we believe that financial growth and stability of our company is compromised. We are as good as our word and our actions will dictate the level of trust we are able to establish with our customers, suppliers and with each other.


We accept the consequences of our actions and correct our mistakes quickly and courteously.


We choose to work together to create a positive and fun work environment for ourselves, because the alternative is unacceptable!!


We understand that growth means change whether it be dictated by our company or the economy. It is our job not to maintain the status quo, but to do whatever it takes to achieve the next level of success


We make a pledge to give the highest quality of customer service, no matter the circumstance.


It is our choice to behave ethically in each transaction and to promote a culture and value system internally that extends wherever we do business.


Always treat each co-worker, customer and supplier with dignity and respect.

The Quest

To exceed our customer’s expectation with each opportunity, every day