Electrical System

In today’s vehicles, electrical systems are becoming increasingly complex. Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck has the expert technicians to diagnose and fix any problems to get you safely back on the road. If you are experiencing charging problems, flickering or dimming lights, electrical system indicator light, or any other electric-related issues, contact us today. Our electrical system repair or replacement includes:

  • Computer diagnostic check – Our computer automotive diagnostics software can help pinpoint any electrical issues your vehicle may be having.
  • Battery – We inspect your battery for cleanliness, proper connection, and charge
  • Alternator – We ensure proper charging, connections, and belt tension
  • Starter – We check for cleanliness and connections
  • Cables and connections – We remove rust and corrosion

In addition to providing service on your battery, alternator, and starter, Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck technicians are fully trained to diagnose and service all of the other electrical components in your vehicle, including dashboard components, headlights, wipers, power windows, locks, and more.

If your vehicle’s electrical system indicator light is on, your battery isn’t holding a charge or any issue you may think is electrical, call us today to schedule a diagnostic test.