Do I need an Alignment?

Protect & Preserve Your Tires

When you are driving down a straight road and you loosen your grip on the wheel does your car/truck pull to the right or left? If yes, then your vehicle is out of alignment and it is causing damage to your tires. The longer you wait to align your car the more you are wearing down your tires. New tires cost around $2500. An alignment for your car is less than $110.

Besides saving your tires it is also dangerous driving a vehicle that is out of alignment. Motorists will often adjust their grip on the steering wheel to compensate for the misalignment. This makes it harder to drive. When your tires wear down your vehicle is more susceptible to flats or blowouts.

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Wheel and Tire Alignment

Our car alignment service is designed to correct the angle of the wheels relative to the frame of your vehicle. Keeping your wheels aligned properly ensures maximum safety, tire life, and fuel efficiency. Well-aligned vehicles actually can save money on gas because proper alignment prevents your wheels from working against each other because they point in slightly different directions. Tire tread lasts longer when all tires are pointing straight ahead and the tread is level. Lastly, proper alignment preserves your steering and suspension systems. When your wheels are out of alignment, it creates strain on your steering and suspension, including the shock absorbers and struts.

Car Alignment Services – What You Should Know
You should have your wheel alignment adjusted every time you buy new tires. Or, when you suspect your vehicle is not tracking correctly. You’ll also know it’s time for a realignment when you feel the car pull to one side, if the steering wheel is askew, or if you notice premature or uneven tire wear.

Today’s high-performance vehicles involve a complex process that requires precise measurements. These adjustments require special equipment and should be performed by a qualified technician. Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck can help. Call us for your alignment service today.