AC Repair and Service

In Colorado, we face some hot summers. If your vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t working properly, it’s going to make for some miserable driving. Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck specializes in auto air conditioning repair, ensuring your car continues to keep you cool and comfortable when the temperature starts to soar. Whether your vehicle requires a basic thermostat repair/replacement or full electronic climate control testing, we can test and repair all systems.

We recommend annual auto AC service to help maintain proper operation of you car’s AC system and to optimize cold air flow throughout the vehicle, keeping you cool and helping you to avoid a costly repair should you wait until the system completely fails.

Our auto air conditioning repair services include:

  • Cooling system service
  • Complete diagnostic check
  • Auto air conditioning conversions (R12 to R134a)
  • AC Condensers
  • AC Evaporators
  • Air conditioning compressors
  • Blower motors
  • Cabin air filters
  • Removal and replacement of air conditioning components

Make driving your vehicle comfortable again! Contact us today to schedule your AC testing or service.