The Importance of Scheduled Maintenance:   30k Miles – 60k Miles – 120k Miles

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Our expert mechanics can service all makes and models of domestic and import vehicles. We use the latest technology to inspect your vehicle and offer repair options. We always give you free estimates and will obtain your approval before beginning any work. We also guarantee all of our work. We, of course, want to earn our business for life.

Scheduled Maintenance
It’s easy for vehicle owners to neglect routine maintenance on their vehicles. Whether money is tight, or time is limited, more and more people today are failing to adhere to their vehicle’s recommended maintenance schedule, which leaves them at elevated risk for costly repair bills down the road. Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck strongly believes that one area people should not skimp on is the up-keep of their vehicle. Going six months between oil changes, allowing grinding brakes to get worse, ignoring suspension issues can all lead to vastly more significant issues that can end up costing thousands of dollars instead of the fraction of the cost it would have been if part of regular maintenance and repairs.

Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck can help you put together a regularly scheduled maintenance plan to allow us to regularly inspect your vehicle and preempt any problems that are hidden. Aside from avoiding costly repairs, by regularly maintaining your vehicle through preventive maintenance, we can ensure that it performs well on the road and lasts longer, thus protecting your investment.

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