“Wherever Warranty” Service
For years, Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck has ensured that our customers NEVER pay for work that can be done by an authorized dealer under the original warranty. What that means is that when we find defective items, or work needed, that is covered by the original warranty we will, at your request, drive the vehicle to the closest dealership, ensure the work is performed correctly, and return the vehicle to Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck for pick-up by you. And we’ll provide this service absolutely FREE OF CHARGE!

Why We Do This
Why do we provide this “Wherever Warranty” service? Because at Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck we are committed to doing the RIGHT THING for you – EVERY TIME! We will never recommend work that is not needed. In addition, we won’t charge you for work that can be done under your original warranty for free.

It’s Simple
We want to be the one-stop auto service shop for you, your family, friends and colleagues. We provide a full range of auto repair services for all makes and models of vehicles – foreign and domestic.