Vehicle Tune Up

Regularly scheduled tune-ups are vital components of your vehicle’s preventative maintenance schedule. Tune-ups help prevent performance issues, maximize the efficiency of your engine, and help extend the life of your vehicle. It can be hard to recognize that your engine is losing performance, because it usually happens gradually. Most owners don’t take their vehicle to the mechanic until the “check engine” light is on. By that time, your car may already have more significant issues.

Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck can help you schedule regular tune-ups to ensure your car runs optimally, and to help preempt underlying problems. Our tune-up service includes:

  • Replacing fuel and air filters
  • Changing spark plugs
  • Checking/replacing PCV valve
  • Checking all fluids
  • Inspecting/cleaning the fuel intake system

We use only the highest quality replacement parts, filters, oils and components on your car.