Heaters and Heater Cores

Coloradans understand the winter months bring chilly temperatures and, thus, our vehicles need a good-working heater system. Your vehicle’s heating system is susceptible to failing and when that happens, you need a mechanic’s service. Not only is it important to be comfortable in your vehicle’s cabin, but it’s imperative to have a working defroster to ensure you have clear visibility through the windshield to keep you safe.

Numerous issues can arise with your heater and heater core, including problems with corrosion that can build up in the system due to lack of cooling system flushes., a leaky radiator/hose, water pump, or heater core. The expert mechanics at Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck can inspect your heater and heater core to make sure it is always operating properly, and if there are issues, we’ve to the parts and know-how to repair or replace. Call us today for your heater / heater core service.

Contact us before the next cold and snowy day, and let our experts evaluate your heating system.