Belt and Hose Replacement
Some of the most important components of a properly functioning engine are your vehicle’s belts and hoses. These parts are often overlooked, but should be inspected on a routine basis to avoid expensive breakdowns. Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck can inspect your belts and hoses to ensure they are in good condition, and when necessary, replace them.

We’ll inspect your drive belts (traditionally known/described as a fan belt), V-belt / serpentine belt, timing belt, belt tensioner, and belt pulley. It is crucial to keep your drive belt operating properly, as its primary function is to provide power to engine-mounted accessories like the power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, mechanical cooling fan, and air injection pump. The timing belt is also a key cog in your engine, as it works to maintain crankshaft-to-camshaft synchronization, keeping valve operation matched to piston position.

Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck will also inspect your coolant hoses, which include the upper and lower radiator hoses, heater hoses, and bypass hose. These hoses provide a flexible connection for coolant flow between the engine and the radiator and the engine and the heater core. We also inspect all clamps and ensure your vehicle isn’t suffering from leaks.

Trust our expert technicians to inspect your belts and hoses to ensure they are in good condition, and replace them if necessary. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.