Get your cookie fix at Lake Arbor Auto

The folks at Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck have an affinity for Girl Scout cookies, and now they want to share the joy.

During this month when those famous delicacies tend to dominate the workplace break room, Lake Arbor Auto will hand a fresh box to every customer who has any factory-scheduled maintenance conducted on his or her vehicle.

Examples of qualifying maintenance events include oil changes, fluid flushes, tune ups, wheel/tire alignments and more.

“It has become abundantly clear over the decades that our customers are much happier when they are bringing their vehicles to us for maintenance at predetermined times, rather than waiting for unexpected and costly break-downs to occur,” said Dana TePoel, owner of Lake Arbor Auto. “As part of our policy of educating our customers, we focus on the benefits of keeping your vehicle maintained.”

TePoel adds that the promotion with the Girl Scout cookies also addresses another huge focus at Lake Arbor Auto:

“We believe that we will thrive as a business only if the community around is us thriving, so we have engaged in a number of partnerships like this one over the years. We advocate for the kind of values that also drive the Girl Scouts, so we hope they will benefit from our handouts.”

Lake Arbor Auto has also regularly supported such charitable organizations as Hope House of Arvada and A Precious Child of Westminster.

Anyone who wants to join Lake Arbor Auto in support of the Girl Scouts can purchase additional boxes by clicking here.