Car owners should take heed in cold temps

Wiper blades, tires, more require special attention in extreme winter weather, says Lake Arbor Auto WESTMINSTER, Colo. (Jan. 8, 2024) – The Denver area is about to experience its...


Signs that your alternator is failing

The alternator is a critical part of your vehicle, and the first hint of a failing alternator comes with the illumination of the battery light on the dashboard. Subsequently,...


Winter’s cold could create car problems

Wiper blades, tires, more require special attention in extreme temperatures, says Lake Arbor Auto WESTMINSTER, Colo. (Dec. 19, 2017) – The Denver area is about to experience its first...

man holding damaged auto Belt needing Repair Lake Arbor Automotive Westminster


What are all these ‘belts’ in my vehicle?

Every vehicle uses a system of belts and pulleys, whether the vehicle is fueled by gas, diesel or electric. The system can include a series of drive belts, or...


Possible connection between low fuel and check-engine light

Question: It seems the light comes on right before I fill up, and then it goes off again – why is that? Answer: We have addressed the topic of...


What is my car telling me when it makes a knocking noise as I accelerate?

Question: Why does my car engine knock, and should I worry? Answer: As with most auto issues, various noises can indicate multiple possible problems. It’s hard to say for...

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How often should I replace my windshield wipers?

Question: What are the indications that a vehicle’s windshield wipers have reached the end of their lifespan? Answer: As we write this in December, we would agree that the...

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What items should I carry in my car during the winter?

Question: For local driving, do I need to worry about keeping cold-weather provisions in my vehicle? Answer: In the Denver area, the average winter temperature is just under 31...


What can I learn from that stain on the garage floor?

Question: Is it possible to diagnose my car’s problem by checking the color of the liquid that it leaks? Answer: Technically, the answer is no; but it can point...

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What causes my car to make a pinging noise?

Question: Is there a way to eliminate the pinging that I hear in the engine when I accelerate? Answer: There are three likely causes of the kind of engine...