What happens when the coolant gets contaminated?


What do I need to know about the fluid in my radiator?


One of the ways to keep your car running in top order is to stay alert to the condition of the engine coolant. The coolant needs to stay tightly sealed within the system to avoid contaminants.

  • When the coolant becomes contaminated with water, minerals or even air, you could find yourself in trouble.
  • Another “contaminant” is an electrical charge that often remains in the coolant after you replace your failed battery, alternator or starter. Get it checked!
  • Another good thing to know about engine coolant: There are many different kinds, all suited for different manufacturers. We use eight different kinds of engine coolants at Lake Arbor Auto, depending upon the make of vehicle.

Also keep in mind: If you ever had a broken radiator hose, or if you’ve ever had a coolant leak, or had water introduced into the system, it’s probably time for a flush!

Bottom line: Your engine coolant will remain in working condition for no more than 100,000 miles, even under ideal conditions. So get it checked!