How effective are all-season tires, really?

Car on the countryside road


Do I need to put special tires on my car for the winter?


Driving in the Colorado snow can be a pretty stressful activity, especially when the roads are snow-packed or icy. Winter tires can make your driving a lot less stressful. Years ago, drivers used to keep two sets of tires on hand: one for the “good” weather, and another set of very clunky, knobby tires available for a swap during the winter. Here’s what you need to know today:

  • Tire manufacturers came out with “all season” tires, and those tires still work relatively well for all seasons.
  • More recently, the industry began offering winter tires that are more flexible in the cold weather, with extra sipes (thin treads) to grip the icy roads.
  • Each sipe provides five times the “gripping edge,” and these tires make a remarkable difference on slick roads.

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Bottom line: For maximum safety this time of year, winter tires are a must.