Lake Arbor Auto ‘Does Right Thing’ for Young Passengers

Repair shop steps up efforts in child safety seat program

WESTMINSTER, Colo. (Dec. 18, 2013) – Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck, one of only two repair shops in the North Denver area certified to inspect the proper installation of child safety seats, has committed to recycling any items that need to be removed from service.

A team of Westminster-based Lake Arbor Auto representatives recently loaded and delivered its first shipment of 16 car seats to a recycling operation in Boulder. Any useable parts go into the repair of other child seats, and the heavy plastic material goes to a recycling plant.

The National Child Passenger Safety Certification recognizes the ability of Lake Arbor Auto Owner Dana TePoel and two other staff members to confirm whether child safety seats are installed correctly and to educate caregivers (parents, grandparents, babysitters, etc.) on the correct and safe use and installation of the seats. Certified members of LAA are also trained to advise parents on the progression of car-seat purchases as children grow and as families expand.

“When we discovered that more than 75 percent of child safety seats were installed incorrectly, we decided that Lake Arbor Auto had to contribute to some kind of resolution of this issue,” TePoel said.

He noted that car-seat materials degrade over time, and the seats expire after about six years; so the end of the year is a good time to check on how much “life” is left in the plastic.

Lake Arbor Auto participated in a car-seat safety and giveaway event at Smith Renaissance School last spring, and LAA will participate in similar events in 2014. Care-givers can make appointments (303-429-7700) for the free consulting service at the shop at 9146 Marshall Place in Westminster. Caregivers should expect to spend up to 30 minutes to go through the proper procedures connected with child safety seats and their continuing use as children outgrow them. The service is free.

There is no other active inspection center within a four-mile radius of Lake Arbor Auto.

“We might be able to reduce the burden on the police and fire departments, allowing them to spend more time on responding to emergencies,” said TePoel. “Our motto is, ‘We do the right thing for you, every time,’ and in this case we believe we are doing the right thing for parents and children.”

The Lake Arbor Auto employees gained their certification via a 32-hour course, and they will have to re-certify themselves every two years.

Here is a partial list of common mistakes in the installation and use of child seats:

  • Seat facing the wrong direction
  • Straps too loose or too tight
  • Seat anchored improperly
  • Seat inappropriate for the child’s age or size
  • Incorrect placement in regards to the vehicle’s airbags

LAA also keeps itself updated on any manufacturers’ recall notices; and LAA experts will look for car-seat damage or expiration.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the proper use of child safety seats for infants can decrease the risk of death in an auto accident by 71 percent; and the percentage safety improvement for children 1-4 is 54 percent.

About Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck

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