Our tech works with high school student

Tech DayIf you have ever interacted with our senior technician, Myron Novacek, you know how patient and friendly he is. So we think he made a perfect mentor for Standley Lake High School senior student Dalton Kaswinkel who was working on his senior capstone project in automobile technology. They worked together two hours per week for five weeks, and at the end of the program, Myron was so impressed with Dalton’s potential, he recommended Dalton for an apprenticeship here.


Alas, Dalton is heading for a stint in the military, where he hopes to specialize in electrical systems. But we’re thrilled we had the opportunity to work with him, and we’re proud that Myron took such an interest in helping him. In recognition of his caring attitude, we have made Myron this month’s Right Thing Award winner!


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