Road Tests

Leave your car with confidence at Lake Arbor Auto

Many of our first-time Lake Arbor Auto customers come to us with considerable anxiety about leaving their cherished vehicles in the hands of strangers.

Bad experiences at other repair shops might have prompted some cynicism about auto repair shops in general. We’re here to make that cynicism disappear, and this article might be a good start. At Lake Arbor Auto, we put a premium on customer confidence, and the best way to enhance confidence is through education.

So let me educate you about what happens after you drop off your at Lake Arbor Auto and provide some tips about how to put yourself at ease.

One issue that frequently troubles customers is the one involving the road test. At Lake Arbor Auto, we encourage customers to ask specific questions about how long we expect to have to road-test your vehicle.

Why is this an issue?

You might have read a recent article about a repair shop in Colorado Springs that let mechanics take customers’ cars on “extended” road tests. Those tests essentially turned into personal rides for chores, errands and even leisure activities.

You won’t get that at Lake Arbor Auto.

How can you be sure?

First, Lake Arbor Auto has won numerous awards for its ethical conduct, including the 2010 Better Bureau Business Torch Award for Marketplace Trust.

Also, we encourage customers to ask these questions at the time of drop-off:

How long do you expect to have my car?

Do you expect to have to conduct a road test?

How many times do you expect to have to take the vehicle on a road test, and for what duration?

How many miles do you expect the road test to require?

Where do you expect to take it? Back roads? Highways? City streets?

You see, various auto conditions require various types of road tests. Note the mileage on your vehicle upon drop-off, and see if it correlates with the projections we made. If it doesn’t, ask us why not.

At Lake Arbor Auto, your education – and awareness – serves us best. We hope it makes you comfortable, too.