Is it safe to ignore my car battery in the summer?


Do I need to be aware of possible harm to my vehicle’s battery resulting from summer heat?


Car owners tend to worry most about their batteries in the winter, but batteries can also experience considerable stress during the summer resulting from overheating or overcharging. In fact, a battery’s failure in the winter is usually the result of damage that has occurred during the summer. Things to know:

  • When the heat causes the battery fluids to evaporate, or when your electrical system causes it to “overcharge,” the internal components of the battery become compromised.
  • A “failing” battery is relatively easy to detect, so you don’t need to wait until it dies entirely.
  • A chronically slow-cranking car is usually one of the first indications that you need to replace your battery.

On the topic of healthy batteries, we have a tip for you: Vibration tends to reduce battery life, so you can optimize the durability of your battery by ensuring that it is properly secured to the frame. A bungee cord is not enough!

Bottom line: Don’t ignore your battery in the summer. Check it with every oil change. If you ever have any doubts about its condition, bring it to Lake Arbor Auto, and we will examine it at no charge.