Lake Arbor Auto is AAA Top Shop

One of Colorado’s 12 best, LAA ‘exceeds standards’ WESTMINSTER, Colo. (June 8, 2018) – Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck has earned distinction from AAA Colorado as one of the...


Possible connection between low fuel and check-engine light

Question: It seems the light comes on right before I fill up, and then it goes off again – why is that? Answer: We have addressed the topic of...


Lake Arbor Auto spearheads donation

Teen mom at Hope House receives vehicle for Mother’s Day WESTMINSTER, Colo. (May 3, 2018) – Lake Arbor Automotive & Truck will celebrate Mother’s Day again this year by...


What is my car telling me when it makes a knocking noise as I accelerate?

Question: Why does my car engine knock, and should I worry? Answer: As with most auto issues, various noises can indicate multiple possible problems. It’s hard to say for...

windshield wipers need repair Lake Arbor Automotive Westminster


How often should I replace my windshield wipers?

Question: What are the indications that a vehicle’s windshield wipers have reached the end of their lifespan? Answer: As we write this in December, we would agree that the...

Jumper Cables Lake Arbor Automotive Westminster


What items should I carry in my car during the winter?

Question: For local driving, do I need to worry about keeping cold-weather provisions in my vehicle? Answer: In the Denver area, the average winter temperature is just under 31...


What can I learn from that stain on the garage floor?

Question: Is it possible to diagnose my car’s problem by checking the color of the liquid that it leaks? Answer: Technically, the answer is no; but it can point...

pinging-noise Lake Arbor Automotive Westminster


What causes my car to make a pinging noise?

Question: Is there a way to eliminate the pinging that I hear in the engine when I accelerate? Answer: There are three likely causes of the kind of engine...


Do I need to check my car’s oil level between changes?

Question: If my mechanic changes the oil every three months, can I assume that the fluid level is adequate? Answer: A quarterly (every three months) oil change is a...

Battery_corroded-terminal Lake Arbor Automotive Westminster


Is it safe to ignore my car battery in the summer?

Question: Do I need to be aware of possible harm to my vehicle’s battery resulting from summer heat? Answer: Car owners tend to worry most about their batteries in...